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15th Apr 2015

How not to live blog a German press conference…


We’ve all been there…

Standing in line at the bäckerei or boulangerie hopelessly praying that our GCSE language skills save us from embarrassment.

But most of us have never ended up running a live blog in which we were supposed to translate a German press conference.

That’s what happened to The Telegraph’s Ben Bloom on Wednesday, who learned the hard way that it’s never a good idea to talk up your interpreting abilities.

As Jurgen Klopp sat down to face the media, Bloom realised he had a problem


And it didn’t get much better from there, as he begged not to be grassed to his boss…


Finally someone offered some help in the form of a ‘Teach Yourself German in 60 Seconds’ guide. Although sadly it was of little use…


So remember, kids; save yourself the hassle by downgrading that ‘intermediate German’ on your CV.

Poor Ben Bloom will no doubt agree it just isn’t worth the risk.