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02nd May 2024

‘Smashed’ Jamie Carragher interviews Jadon Sancho after drinking ‘8 pints in Yellow Wall’

Charlie Herbert

jamie carragher interviews Jadon Sancho drunk

‘I’ve had about eight pints in the Yellow Wall!’

Jamie Carragher carried out one of the most chaotic post-match interviews you’ll ever see as he chatted to Jadon Sancho after spending the entire match in the stands with fans.

You can watch the three minutes of chaos below.

Sancho put in a stellar performance as his Borussia Dortmund side beat PSG 1-0 in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final at Signal Iduna Park.

Carragher was at the game as part of CBS’s coverage, but he wasn’t going to let the small matter of work get in the way of him enjoying a beer or two with the home fans before the game.

The former Liverpool defender then watched the game from the famous Yellow Wall, and was in amongst it during the celebrations for the home side’s winning goal.

So, it’s perhaps no surprise that by the time the match was over, he seemed a bit worse for wear. That didn’t stop him from chatting to Sancho after the game though as he spoke to the rest of the CBS Golazo team back in the studio.

What followed was three minutes of pure chaos.

Kate Abdo started off by asking Carragher if he “was sober enough to do this”, to which he responded: “You know what that’s actually a good point because I haven’t had too much to eat.”

He added that this “might explain why I’m slurring my words.”

After admitting that he’d “had about eight pints in the Yellow Wall,” the pundit then beckoned over Sancho for a post-match interview, prompting hysterics and disbelief from his CBS colleagues Thierry Henry and Micah Richards.

Thierry Henry couldn’t believe what he was watching (CBS Golazo)

Carragher told the Dortmund man that being in the Yellow Wall was “one of the best experiences of my life” as he raved about the atmosphere at the stadium.

Sancho replied: “That’s how it is, week in, week out it’s electric.”

Carragher told the winger that the CBS pundits had been “raving about his performance,” but when the camera cut back to the studio, Henry simply had his head in his hands whilst Alessandro Del Piero couldn’t contain his amusement.

Carragher then asked the Englishman why he’s able to perform so well at Dortmund, to which he replied: “I came here at 17 and they gave me the opportunity to play professional football… so I’m just delighted with all the staff and players that welcomed me back.”

Reacting to the interview on social media, one person wrote: “Quite comical seeing Carragher doing an interview half cut, the lads in the studio laughing at him makes it even funnier.”

Another said: “Jamie Carragher had 8 pints, was knackered, and invited Jadon Sancho to do an interview.”

A third wrote: “Jamie Carragher smashed after 8 pints, interviewing Jadon Sancho… CBS never misses.”

Well, it was certainly one of the more unique post-match interviews.

Whether CBS decide to repeat the trick for the second-leg in Paris next week remains to be seen…

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