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14th Aug 2015

Henrik Larsson reveals why he turned down the chance to be the Celtic manager


If Henrik Larsson ever wanted the Celtic manager’s job then he could surely walk into Parkhead and take it.

Larsson and his son Jordan seem to be doing OK at Helsingborgs at the moment, but it’s pretty clear that any Celtic fan would love have to the striker back at the club some day in the future.

Well it seems that Larsson was approached the summer before last to replace Neil Lennon, but he has admitted to the BBC that he felt the time was not right for him to take the job.

“The circumstances weren’t the right ones,” he told the BBC.

“Of course I was tempted, but at the same time I had signed a one-year deal to manage Falkenbergs and it wasn’t the time to leave them.”

“We had a chat and we’ll leave it at that. I felt that the timing wasn’t right, not for me and not for the family. I think as long as I’m in this line of work I’m always going to be mentioned when Celtic are looking for a new manager.”

Sounds like the Swede has left the door open for a return, just not quite yet.

Maybe he’ll bring Jordan with him.