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24th Apr 2017

Former strawweight champion shows curious/foolish fan what a punch from a UFC fighter feels like

Carla Esparza was more than happy to oblige

Darragh Murphy

Even a 20 per cent punch from one of the smaller fighters on the UFC roster is going to suck.

Carla Esparza was recently approached by a curious fight fan who wanted to feel the force of a UFC fighter’s fist but, not content to experience a strike to the stomach or arm, he went all-in and asked to punched in the face.

A deal was struck whereby the man gave his full consent to be struck in the jaw with the promise from Esparza that she would punch with just 20 per cent power.

The former UFC strawweight champion was happy to oblige as she landed a right hand to the strange gentleman’s midriff before going upstairs with a left hook flush to the chin.

In absolute fairness to the fan, he took the shot like an absolute champ but we bet he was thanking his blessings that he didn’t ask for a 3/10 punch because any more force behind that fist and he may have gone to sleep.

If you’re going to be dumb, you’d better be tough!