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11th Jan 2016

Eddie Alvarez thinks everything’s a little too convenient for Conor McGregor

Running from the Answer

Ben Kiely

Eddie Alvarez thinks Conor McGregor is just delaying the inevitable by fighting for the lightweight title next.

The former Bellator champion weighed in his opinion on the reported next 155lb title fight during the conference call for his upcoming fight against Anthony Pettis at Fight Night 81.

It is being reported that Conor McGregor will take on Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight strap at UFC 197, although the UFC have yet to confirm the news.

Speaking about the likely match-up between Rafael dos Anjos and McGregor, Alvarez explained that he is not begrudging of the Notorious’ ability to get what he wants from the UFC.

“It seems to me that right now Conor is able to make his own decisions and there is nothing that anybody on this conference call can do about that. I can either cry and whine about it or I can just deal with what is in front of me right now.”

RDA McG makes sense

Alvarez credited McGregor for putting himself in such an amicable position with his employers. However, he feels that it is a little too convenient that getting the lightweight title shot next allows him to delay a bout against a fighter who he feels will usurp his featherweight throne.

“I’ve been in the game a long time, I understand what the game’s about; (McGregor has) done a great job with what he’s doing, and he’s getting everything he deserves. What I do think is that Frankie Edgar will beat him, and it’s really convenient to leave the division right now when the only person left is Frankie Edgar. That’s what I think.”

Should the rumours about 197 ring true, it is widely expected that McGregor will face Frankie Edgar in the landmark UFC 200 event. So if Alvarez’ is correct in his assessment, he shouldn’t be able to run from the Answer for too long.