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06th Jul 2017

Denial of Lukaku deal actually all part of elaborate Man Utd unveiling, source reveals

A Man Utd source has said that regardless how long the deal takes it is all part of the club's plan

Wayne Farry

Romelu Lukaku’s proposed transfer from Everton to Manchester United had been on and off again today, and could very well continue in that fashion for the remainder of the week.

Lukaku, a 24-year-old Belgian who has 118 career goals to his name, was linked with a move to Chelsea since the end of last season, before United reportedly stormed in with a £75 million bid.

News of the deal was reported earlier today, with a host of major media outlets suggesting a fee was agreed and that the transfer could be completed within days. Within minutes the deal was off again.

However, despite those claims, a source within the Old Trafford has this afternoon revealed that the entire affair is in fact all part of the most elaborate player unveiling in Premier League history.

According to the source, United are keen to maximise the announcement of such a high-profile player after witnessing the likes of Aston Villa, Swansea and Liverpool go to great lengths to do the same.

All part of the plan

“There’s no need for United fans to worry, this deal is very much on. We were going to just announce it but having seen other clubs go all out we felt we should do the same. Our social media manager suggested we make it like a movie, with ups and downs, explosions and romance, so we’re doing just that,” said the source. “We’re the biggest club in the world, and our signings should reflect that.”

He also revealed that while no exact end date has been marked for the grand reveal, the announcement will likely involve fireworks, dolphins and the moon.

“We definitely didn’t get ahead of ourselves here. We are very much in control. To be honest, we might announce today, tomorrow or perhaps even next year at some point, but believe us: it is all part of our plan and will definitely be worth the wait.”

The source went on to say that if Lukaku goes on to reject the club and join Chelsea, that too will be part of the plan, though not a part the club has actually discussed yet.