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16th Nov 2015

David Luiz hits back at ‘fools who talk nonsense’ as he returns to Paris

Back from Brazil camp

Gareth Makim

Brazil star David Luiz has hit back at those critical of his apparent unwillingness to return to Paris in the wake of Friday’s terrorist attacks.

The Paris Saint-Germain defender was reported to have said that, given the choice, he would prefer not to go back to France, and was roundly criticised by many observers, including Ireland international Stephen Hunt, for potentially abandoning his club and its fans.

But Luiz last night confirmed he was flying back to Paris after a red card during the Selecao’s 1-1 draw with Argentina ruled him out Brazil’s upcoming game against Peru.

And he was quick to call out those who doubted his commitment to PSG, in a series of tweets translated below:

“The fools who like to talk nonsense about nothing, will know that I returned by order of the Club! And the Selecao as respectful which is accepted!”

“Willingly would stay with the group until the end, but sometimes we have to have common sense and understand situations and moments ! God bless you guys”


David Luiz,PSG