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24th Jun 2015

Dana White seeks to calm everyone down after UFC fans freak out over Jose Aldo injury rumours

Tell us more Dana

Conor Heneghan

We’re going to need a little more reassurance than that Dana.

UFC fans are still coming to terms with news of the possible cancellation of the Conor McGregor v Jose Aldo fight next month.

Word on the street in Brazil is that Jose Aldo has suffered a fractured rib in training that would put his participation in UFC 189 on July 11 in serious jeopardy.

Well-placed UFC sources have since moved to downplay concerns and have suggested the fight is still on for now…

…and a tweet from UFC head honcho Dana White this evening would appear to suggest that we might be over-reacting just a little bit.

We’d prefer a little more reassurance than that Dana, but hopefully the situation, whatever it is, will become a lot clearer really soon.

Fingers crossed McGregor v Aldo will still go ahead on July 11.