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01st Apr 2015

Could Tyson Fury really be about to make his MMA debut?

We didn’t see this one coming


One of MMA’s biggest critics could be about to jump inside the cage himself.

Big-mouth heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury revealed talks are underway for him to make his mixed martial arts debut with Bellator.

Fury’s comments, made on Twitter, could easily be construed as deliberate trolling on April Fools’ Day – particularly considering he’s shot his mouth off about MMA and the UFC regularly in the past.

Hell, he was at it even as recently as yesterday…

MMA journalist Josh Gross confirmed that Bellator President Scott Coker was in talks with Fury and was waiting to see “how serious” he is about the prospect of entering the Octagon.

So we’ll find out sooner or later whether or not he’s for real.

If he is, tactics like this aren’t going to work, that’s for sure…