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31st Aug 2015

Conor McGregor is already a UFC Hall of Famer, claims one former fighter

Big call...


Conor McGregor might have achieved a hell of a lot in his short UFC career, but has he already done enough to book his place in the sport’s Hall of Fame?

If you listen to former fighter Chael Sonnen, then McGregor has done plenty.

The Notorious has endeared himself to fans in Ireland and around the world thanks to his brash personality and series of knockout victories, leading to huge ticket and pay-per-view sales when he is on the card.

His UFC 189 fight against Chad Mendes generated huge money and his title fight with Jose Aldo in December is expected to break more records.

Conor McGregor 31/3/2015

And Sonnen, famed for his own outspoken and often controversial style, believes that McGregor’s current place in the sport means his legacy is secure.

“If his story ends right now, if he never wins again – if Jose Aldo kicks his ass and then three more guys come along and kick his ass – he will go down in the Hall of Fame some day,” Sonnen said on an appearance on former WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast.

“He’s got the interim championship, he’s sold more goddamn tickets than anybody in his short career. I think he’s only had five UFC fights [it’s six – ed.], but he’s selling out arenas. He sold out an arena in Ireland on his third fight.

“His place is already set. He doesn’t know that, that’s one of the great things when you’re a champion, you can enjoy what people write about you but you can never believe it. As soon as you start believing it you’re in trouble.”