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10th Nov 2015

Conor McGregor explains how he’s become “a little bit gone” in recent years

"Sequences and numbers"

Darragh Murphy

To say that Conor McGregor is obsessed with mixed martial arts would be an understatement.

The UFC interim featherweight champion barely has time to think about anything other than the fight game and he’s explained that it’s taken over his life so much that he’s hardly able to hold a regular conversation nowadays.

McGregor On the Brink 4

In a chat with Gareth A. Davies for BT Sport, The Notorious has explained his mindset.

“I feel to be at the pinnacle of any game, you have to be a little bit gone. You’re not all there. You’ve got to be almost insane to your craft. Not a lot of people understand that.

“That’s why I don’t know about anything else. I do not pay attention to anything else. There were games of football on yesterday, there was rugby, there was this and that. 

“And normal society is like ‘let’s talk about this, let’s engage with this’ and I just can’t do it. 

“People are talking to me and in my head I’m counting something. I’m counting up a number or I’m knee-deep in a sequence on the mat or on the feet. 

“That’s my life. Sequences and numbers. Nothing else. I cannot pay attention to nothing else.”