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27th Feb 2016

Gordon Ramsay will be supporting Conor McGregor at UFC 196


Once again, there’s plenty of excitement surrounding Conor McGregor.

Thie Irishman takes on Nate Diaz at UFC 196, with plenty planning to head to Las Vegas to lend him their support.

Speaking recently, McGregor indicated that UFC’s rising profile is attracting more supporters from Hollywood circles.

“Hollywood are all over it now. Hollywood wants a piece of this,” he said. “That crowd will start to filter in and the gates will continue to rise as the American audience continues to lap up, I feel I’m touching markets the UFC have never touched before.

“We’ll continue to rise, continue to grow and see where it goes but the sky is the limit.”

Although he may not quite fit the bill of being a Hollywood A-lister just yet, it’s now emerged that Gordon Ramsay will be one of the thousands heading to Sin City to watch McGregor, with the celebrity chef confirming that he intends to take in the fight via a tweet.


Ramsay is relatively well known in the US after the success of his Hell’s Kitchen show.

Maybe he can sort out the post-fight meal while he’s in Vegas?