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31st Mar 2015

Amir Khan eyes Wembley fight against Kell Brook in the next 12 months

Fight, fight, fight

But he has some other business to attend to first.

Amir Khan says he wants to fight Kell Brook at Wembley in the next 12 months, but he has no plans for a summer bout against the IBF welterweight champion.

Brook defended his IBF title with an emphatic victory over Jo Jo Dan in Sheffield at the weekend, with Brook’s team calling out Khan after the fight and challenging him to a bout this summer.

Speaking to Sky Sports News HQ, Khan says he’s more than up for the challenge, but that Brook is going to have to wait.

“Kell Brook, if you want to take the fight, winner takes all, I’m up for it because I know I’ll take everything because I’ll beat you. So let’s do it, man,” Khan said.

“I’d love to go in the ring and fight Kell Brook, it could be his last fight against me because the thing is, I [could] give him that much of a beating it could end up being his last fight.

“And maybe that’s why he wants it, because he knows that last fight against me will financially secure him for the rest of his life. So maybe he just wants that.”

Khan is already in negotiations for a fight with an opponent that will be announced in “in the next couple of days” but a meeting with Brook is on the radar, with Wembley being mooted as the venue.

“It’s all about timing: if I’ve got a different route and I want to face the likes of the Mayweathers and Pacquiaos out there, then Kell Brook will have to wait,” Khan added.

“We don’t want to rush this fight because it is going to be a big fight. It’s going to be a huge fight but it’s all about the timing.”