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07th Apr 2023

Woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann now asks ‘am I Julia’ after DNA test shows she isn’t missing Brit

Steve Hopkins

Julia has fallen out with her private investigator and returned to Poland

The Polish woman who claimed to be Madeleine McCann has parted ways with the private investigator who was helping her prove her case after DNA test results proved she wasn’t the missing Brit.

Julia Wendell, who is also known by the names Julia Faustyna and Julia Wandelt, went viral in February after sharing what she claimed as “evidence” on Instagram that she is the girl who went missing in Praia da Luz in 2007. The evidence included some freckles on her leg, an eye defect, and missing pages from her medical records. The 21-year-old, who would be two years older than Madeleine who would turn 19 this month, hasn’t stopped making headlines since, despite Polish police disputing her claims and her parents saying she is unwell. She recently told her story to Dr Phil.

Dr Fia Johansson, who has helped US police crack cases and also goes by the moniker, the Persian medium, has been at Julia’s side for most of her journey. She whisked her to the US after she began receiving death threats, accompanied her on Dr Phil, and even this week gained power of attorney to make her life decisions for her.

But the relationship has since soured, Julia has said.

Julia’s whose life completely changed when she launched her, ‘I am Madeleine McCann’ Instagram account, is now posting under one called, ‘Am I Julia Wendalt‘. She has now returned to Poland and is living with her dad after tests showed she is largely Polish, with some Lithuanian and Russian heritage.

Julia now says 40-year-old Fia was simply using her to grow her followers and attract new business.

On her new account, The Mirror says Julia details how her relationship with Fia fell apart.

She explains that, at first, she thought Fia “wanted to help me”, but has since come to realise “she wants only new followers, new clients.”

Julia went on to clarify that she “never said I am Madeleine” only that “I believe I could be Madeleine”.

Regardless, Julia is persisting to dispute the facts.

“We made ancestry DNA test, a few hours ago Fia sent me results but not from ancestry, she sent results from another platform. I found out what type of blood group I have.

“And it doesn’t match to my parents’ blood group. My family from mother said many times when I was younger that we have roots in Germany and Holland.”

“So I don’t understand anything now. Fia said that I am Polish with Russian and Lithuanian but family said that I am Polish with German and Holland so what is the real truth?”

As she’s stated many times previously, Julia said she is not “delusional or crazy”, and was not simply seeking “publicity”.

“I didn’t do all of this for attention or music career.”

Fia has said she supplied Julia with all the DNA results “to check for herself”.

“Although Julia is disappointed about this revelation and the spotlight may fade away, the truth as represented in the results speaks to perhaps an unwelcomed new reality.

“I tried to help her find her true identity as she wished, and through this journey I was hoping to provide her comfort with her new reality. “Despite her recent postings, I wish her a well and happy life.”

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