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06th Nov 2023

Trampoline park bosses face jail after eleven people break backs

Callum Boyle

Trampoline park jail

Countless other were also injured on a ‘daily basis’

The bosses of a UK trampoline park could face time in jail after 11 people broke their backs and countless others were injured on a “daily basis”.

A number of people who visited Flip Out in Chester ended up suffering horrible injuries on what was supposed to be a day of fun for all in attendance.

Former directors David Shuttleworth and Matthew Melling, both 33, admitted to breaching health and safety offences last month at  Chester Crown Court.

Both were charged after investigation was launched into the pair in relation to 270 known accidents that had happened at the park over a seven-week period between December 2016 and February 2017.

Numerous young people suffered serious injuries when jumping off the Tower Jump at the venue.

At the time of its launch, both bosses bragged about the equipment being the largest of its kind in the world.

Standing at 13ft high, visitors would be made to scale the tower before jumping into a foam-filled pit, however, their landing was neither safe nor soft.

Three people fractured their spines in a single day in 2017, with one victim describing it as the “most pain I’ve ever suffered”.

Reports have claimed that Shuttleworth resigned as director in July 2018, while Melling quit in January 2020 and that Flip Out is now operating under a different franchisee.

Shuttleworth and Melling could face up to two years in prison and receive significant fines when they are sentenced.

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