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31st Oct 2023

Victim whose phone got snatched by man on motorcycle steals thief’s motorcycle

Callum Boyle

Motorcycle thief

Looks like the victim had the last laugh

A man whose phone was stolen by a man on a motorcycle got sweet revenge by stealing the thief’s motorbike.

Mark Russel Zapata was walking down the street in the Filipino capital of Manila when he suddenly had his phone swiped from him.

As the thief tried to steal the phone, he and Zapata ended up in an altercation.

Although Zapata was unable to retrieve his phone, he was able to take the keys for the robber’s bike.

In response, he then took the motorcycle for a spin and rode it to the local police station, leaving the cell alongside the suspect.

Police then traced the vehicle to an address to Bacoor, Cavite, but the suspect had allegedly been “borrowing” the motorcycle.

Police Colonel Jaime Santos said: “This is a highly unusual case that we are dealing with now.

“It’s something that only happens on TikTok.”

Zapata has been praised by plenty of people for his quick-thinking to stop the criminal from getting away.

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