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03rd Apr 2015

Happy birthday, Nige: A life of being extremely right

Showing his Farage...

Nooruddean Choudry

As Nigel Farage turns fifty-one, it’s time to look back at a glorious life of considered views, intelligent arguments and just basic common sense! Let us relive some of his best bits through the decades…

The Sixties: 

Nigel’s first decade on the planet saw the global community ratify the International Bill of Human Rights. As you can imagine he was far(-right) from impressed…


The Seventies:

The era of flares and comedy racists brought with it a transformation of East London’s Brick Lane, and a plethora of Asian stores and curry houses. Farage wasn’t impressed…


The Eighties:

Despite being a staunch Royalist (unless Charles is banging on about the environment), our Nige had little sympathy for Princess Di after she delivered a baby heir. It was straight back up and on her feet…


The Nineties:

There’s nothing Nigel hates hates more than scroungers, and the nineties gave the underclass a successful dole-model in J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter was the bastard child of shirking!


A New Century:

The 21st century brought with it some of the same old problems. Whilst the nation was celebrating Mo Farah’s Olympian feats, Nigel was at pains to stress how he shouldn’t have been let in in the first place…