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23rd Oct 2015

Extraordinary scenes in Irish court as man drops pants in front of judge, handles penis and beats bare backside with hands

Conor Heneghan

A melee broke out in an Ennis courtroom today after a 24-year-old man dropped his pants in front of the judge, mooned him, beat his own behind with his bare hands, handled his penis and shouted in his direction.

According to the Irish Independent, police had to restrain the man and his 18-year-old brother.


The man and his brother, both from the town of Ennis, Ireland, were before the court on assault charges on a 17-year-old male. Upon hearing the judge refuse to grant his younger brother bail, the older brother responded by dropping his pants and exposing himself to the judge.

Court business was suspended for twenty minutes following the melee and when the hearing recommenced, both men were placed in handcuffs and all of their relatives and friends present were ordered out of the court.

The two men, who are members of the travelling community, were remanded in custody by Judge Durcan following the resumed hearing.

Commenting on the incident, Inspector Tom Kennedy, who was leading the Garda case in court, is quoted in the Irish Independent as saying: “What happened in court today was unbelievable. In all my time working in court, I never seen an indecent display like I witnessed today.

“What happened was incredible and to see someone moon at a judge and then show his genitals to the court and hold them in his hand was an affront to the administration of justice in the court. Why someone would do that, I just don’t know.”

“It is something that members of the general public did not to have witness what occurred today,” Kennedy added.

“Judge Durcan was also horrified by what he had witnessed.”