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19th Dec 2016

Several people have been injured in an attack on a mosque in Zurich

The suspect is understood to have fled the scene.

Tony Cuddihy

More sad news this evening.

Three people were injured when a man burst into a mosque in the Swiss financial capital of Zurich and opened fire on people at prayer.

Two of the three injured men – aged 30, 35 and 56 – were badly hurt. According to reports from ITV, all three were taken to hospital where they were said to be receiving treatment.

The suspect was believed to have been a man in his early 30s, who fled the mosque after opening fire.

Police did confirm that a body was found nearby but were unable to confirm whether or not that was linked to the suspect for the attack.

The news from Zurich follows the truck attack in Berlin, which left at least nine people dead, and the attack in Ankara that resulted in the death of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.