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29th Apr 2015

Pic: The latest fitness craze taking Twitter by storm…


Do you have what it takes to be a human flag?

If you’ve managed to perfect your standing box-jump and are bored of planking then this new fitness fad could be for you.

Workout guru and former rugby player Dave Jackson is the new star of the fitness community after he managed to master the ‘Human Flag’ position.

As you can see, the move involves holding onto an object, like a pole or fence, before ‘engaging your core’ and levitating your feet into a horizontal position.

It looks pretty hardcore to us…

Speaking to the Nottingham Post, Jackson says that it took three months to perfect and that his record levitation time is 10 seconds.

That’s almost ten times longer than this poor sod…

Fair play to the fitness trainer because he’s now travelling the globe, instructing people on how to perfect the technique.

If you think it looks easy then we urge you to give it a try…

H.T – Telegraph