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24th Mar 2024

Fitness-obsessed influencer slammed for taking ‘meal prep’ to nightclub

Ryan Price

The gym-crazy TikToker shared a clip of him tucking into a meal at the iconic ‘O Beach’ in Ibiza.

A TikToker, who has amassed over 600 thousand followers on the app, has been slammed for posting a video of himself tucking into a meal in a plastic container while poolside at the popular party destination.

The influencer, who goes by the name GYMSKIN, appeared to be holidaying at the famous resort, but instead of sipping on a cocktail like everyone else, he was getting his protein in by consuming an unidentified dish from a lunchbox.

In the clip, the cameraman can be heard saying, ‘that’s gymskin for you,’ as the fitness fanatic says to camera: ‘Even at Ocean Beach [O Beach] I’ve got my meal prep.’

In the caption, Gymskin asks “Am I the first?”, in referring to his nightclub calorie intake.

People in the comments chose to ignore the question, and instead lambasted him for the act.

One user wrote: :That’s the saddest thing I seen.”

Another said: “So depressing.”

The world renowned nightclub, which is owned by Wayne Lineker and has hosted famous faces such as Maya Jama, Lewis Capaldi, and Manchester City and England star Jack Grealish, is possibly Ibiza’s most well-known club and tends to be packed throughout the summer season.

One TikTok user implored Gymskin to ‘have some fun’ for a bit of ‘balance’. 

Others chose to focus on the bland look of the food. 

“Honestly more to life than going the gym n eating rice and chicken,” someone suggested.

Another said, “wow that’s living and enjoying life” and someone else called Gymskin ‘the definition of ‘you must be fun at parties [sic]’.”

O Beach has held performances from famous artists such as Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi, as well as having a regular line-up of world-touring dj’s.

It’s status as a holiday hotspot was amplified last summer when 27-year-old England footballer Jack Grealish celebrated his treble win with Manchester City teammates at the venue.

Grealish posed for pictures alongside other holidaymakers, and shared a snap with Wayne Lineker, who presumably was over the moon that one of the country’s most high profile sporting talents chose his venue for a weekend away.

Lineker will likely be hoping the trend of consuming meal prep during one of his iconic club nights won’t be one that catches on.

Gymskin, however, shows no sign of slowing down his fitness content and gym obsession, and appears to now be uploading daily on TikTok.

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