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23rd Oct 2015

Former Royal Marine David McIntosh’s get f**ked in 5 minutes fat blasting workout

This looks tough!

Ben Kenyon

If you thought you needed an expensive gym, personal trainer and loads of high end gym gear, think again.

Former Royal Marine David McIntosh proves you can get absolutely f**ked in five minutes with his latest MINUS5 workout.

It’s another five minutes of pure hell.  All you need is a muddy football pitch and a 135kg Tongan bloke to carry.

(If you don’t have a brick sh*thouse from Tonga handy, other burly blokes will do).

The former Royal Marine has already given us two punishing workouts to train your upper body and your legs, as well as a swimming pool abs workout.

But his latest offering is all about the upper body with pull-up based exercises. These are mixed in with metabolically demanding sprints with a weight on your back.

Go high-intensity and hard as you can on the 30-seconds run and then push out as many reps as you can in 30 seconds on the pull-up based exercises.

Good luck.