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16th Jun 2024

Netflix viewers are saying new film is one of the best shark films ever made


Directed by one of the team behind Gangs of London and starring an Oscar nominee, the movie has been getting quite good reviews.

Netflix‘s new shark movie has proven to be a hit for fans of Deep Blue Sea, Jaws, The Meg and The Shallows.

The film is titled Under Paris and centres around a giant shark that appears in the Seine, as well as a grieving scientist (played by Oscar-nominee Bérénice Bejo, The Artist) who is forced to face her tragic past in order to save the French capital from a bloodbath.

Bejo is not the only big name attached to the thriller as it is co-written and directed by renowned action horror filmmaker Xavier Gens.

Gens is best known to audiences for helming the 2007 video game movie adaptation Hitman and for directing episodes of the hit shows Gangs of London and Lupin.

The film was released earlier this month, and viewers are somewhat obsessed with the flick.

Under Paris (Sous la Seine) is the best shark movie in years, and probably the best Netflix original in a very long time,” one person wrote online. “Embrace the silliness of the concept and it is a blast, the finale is particularly ridiculous and all the better for it.”

A second penned: “Under Paris on Netflix is a blast! Xavier Gens has sculpted a solid shark thriller. Unlike Sharks In Venice this delivers on its premise. This will grab a spot on most best shark movie lists from here on out.”

“There needs to be an option that says ‘Netflix should only produce films like this’ because I think Under Paris should win every best picture forever, what an unbelievable 100 minutes of my life,” a third wrote.

A fourth said simply: “Under Paris is one of the best Netflix movies I’ve seen.”

It’s not just people in the internet that think it’s worth a watch either, as reviewers have also praised the film.

You can read a sample of those glowing write-ups right here: “It’s not an action-packed viewing experience, but there are surges of panic to work with, and the general novelty of the setting is most welcome.”

Daily Dead: “It’s thankfully more than just a goofy ‘mako in the Seine’ idea that belongs on the Syfy channel.”

Digital Mafia Talkies: “Under Paris is the best shark movie since Jaws.”

Variety: “Look no further than Under Paris for an answer to the hypothetical that surely keeps Emmanuel Macron up at night, as Netflix’s new thriller swims rather than sinks as it adds life to a genre that’s been bloodless for far too long.”

Under Paris is streaming on Netflix now.

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