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14th Jul 2017

French military band bangs out Daft Punk classics while an unimpressed Trump looks on

President Macron was loving it though

Rich Cooper

Trump isn’t up all night ’till the sun, nor is he up all night to get some.

We doubt he’s even up all night for good fun, but nevertheless, the President of the United States got lucky in France today watching the Bastille Day celebrations.

Trump joined French President Emmanuel Macron for a day of celebrations on France’s most famous public holiday, commemorating the storming of the Bastille fortress in 1789, a turning point in the French Revolution.

Bastille Day plays host to the oldest and largest regular military parade in Europe, which President Donald Trump was lucky enough to witness on his trip to France.

However, there was something special in store for the people of France today: a military band had prepared a medley of one of France’s greatest musical exports, Daft Punk.

The band blast through a mix of the electronic duo’s hits, including One More Time and Get Lucky, and it is really rather brilliant.

The performance has gone down a treat on social media, and President Macron looked like he was absolutely loving it, as no doubt everyone else watching was.

Honestly, how could you help but smile?

That is unless you’re Donald Trump, who stood their unsmiling, possibly even unaware of what was actually going on.

Fair enough, you’re the Leader of the Free World, you maybe don’t have time to keep up with the pop charts, but most people would at least try to feign an interest in what’s going on directly in front of their eyes.

But then again, most people aren’t Donald Trump.

Maybe Trump prefers Daft Punk’s less commercial work and feels that brass band covers dilute the potency of electronic music, making a mockery of the genre.

Or perhaps he’s just bored silly.