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06th Jul 2018

Ellie could be in danger of getting Love Island boot after tonight’s episode

James Dawson

Rules are rules…

So it all went a bit mad on Love Island tonight after Georgia and Jack’s deeply ambiguous snog / not snog. As the lyrics to Mr Brightside so aptly put it: “It started out with a kiss, How did it end up like this, It was only a kiss… it was only a kiss”.

Relive it here and make up your own mind…

Anyway, after it all kicked off between Laura and Jack, then Laura and Georgia, Laura and Georgia and Jack, then we had Ellie going at it with Georgia. And the thing is, though, it all went a bit far, didn’t it?

Ellie went on an absolute tirade against Georgia and even called her ‘ugly c**t’. It was a bit over the top and difficult to watch. In fact, it could even have broken the rules of the show, with Ellie potentially looking at getting the sack from the island.

Theo Campbell, who was on the show last year, previously spoke to The Mirror and explained that there are three things that can get a contestant taken off the show.

According to Theo, they are: “Fighting, being sexually forceful, and racist slurs.”

And although she didn’t get physically aggressive with Georgia, there’s an argument that was she did was overly aggressive to the point of being in that ballpark.

A number of Twitter users were calling for Ellie to go following the incident…