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11th Nov 2023

Kiosk Keith’s ex-wife reveals ‘real reason’ he was sacked from I’m A Celeb


Completely out of order.

He was one of the most recognisable moustaches on television – but he’s actually been missing from I’m A Celebrity for five years now.

With the latest series set to begin next weekend, let’s remind ourselves on the alleged real reason, Keith was sacked from the show.

Now at the time of his dismissal it was widely reported that Raymond Grant – who played Kiosk Keith – was sacked from the show, after turning up to work drunk and making advances towards a young female member of the crew during a bus ride.

However, Grant’s ex-wife alleged a different turn of events that led to his dismissal.

She claimed that he was actually kicked off the reality show following an incident at the show’s wrap party.

“They were sitting around and having a few drinks. Keith saw the girl walked by and gave her a tap on the arse,” Donna told The Sun .

“There was nothing sinister in it but he shouldn’t have done it,” she added.

“He was sacked afterwards – from his role as Kiosk Keith and from his job helping to build sets on the show.”

A source also told The Sun Online: “It wasn’t unusual for Keith to turn up to work drunk as he’s done it before but this incident has shocked everyone.

 “He was drunk when he got on the bus in the morning. Then he behaved inappropriately towards a female member of the team who’s half his age.

“It happened in front of loads of people, the girl was so upset.

“As soon as she made a complaint Keith was sacked. It’s good riddance really.

“We nicknamed him Hollywood because of his overnight fame.

“Everyone thought he was alright at first but people quickly started to go off him. Now he’s gone for good.”

An ITV spokesperson said: “Ray is no longer under contract on the show. There are no plans for him to return.”