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14th Jun 2018

These are the three things that will get you thrown out of the Love Island villa

Wil Jones

These are all pretty solid reasons to kick someone out

The contestants might continually repeat that Love Island “is not a game”, but let’s face it – it is. It is an ITV2 reality show, after all. And like any game, there are rules. There has to be rules. We can’t just have chaos on Love Island.

When Niall left the villa earlier this week, it was officially put down to “personal reasons”. We’ve heard nothing more than that – if something bad has happened in his real world life we hope he’s ok, and respect his privacy – but where there’s silence, people will start to speculate and come up with conspiracies. And some Love Island fans started to speculate that he’d been kicked off the show.

But what would it take to actually be removed from the villa? Theo Campbell, who was on the show last year, has been speaking to The Mirror. And he explained that there are three things that can get a contestant taken off the show.

According to Theo, they are:

Fighting, being sexually forceful, and racist slurs.

Those are all fair enough. If you do any of those, you are a prick, and it’s right that you shouldn’t be on TV. Being on ITV2 is privilege, not a right.

Theo added: “I was quite naughty on there but I wasn’t even close to being kicked out.”

Only one person has ever been kicked out of the Love Island villa. That was Malia Arkian, who was removed from the 2016 series of the show after just one day, for fighting.

Malia split a drink on fellow islander Kady’s leg. Kady believed it to be intentional, and a slagging matched ensued. Malia took it to the next level, and she was then taken off the show following the physical altercation.

You can see the incident below.


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