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20th May 2024

Gen Z have cancelled skinny jeans and suggested an alternative style

Charlie Herbert

Gen Z have cancelled skinny jeans and suggested an alternative

Has the skinny jean had its day?

From the flares and platform shoes of the 1970s, through to whatever was going on in the Noughties, fashion is ever-changing just like the society we live in.

This means that trends we remember growing up with and loving will also inevitably also fade away, making some of us feel very old.

And it sounds like the next thing being ushered off the catwalk of fashion is skinny jeans.

Millenials in particular – those born in between 1981 and 1996 – will probably have a particular fondness for the skinny jean, and will remember some of their favourite celebs rocking a pair.

But those pesky Gen Zs – born between 1997 and 2012 – have decided that it’s time to call time on one of the most uncomfortable pieces of clothing imaginable.

The skinny jeans debate is taking place on Gen Z’s favourite place, TikTok, where one user gave her ‘3 ways’ to style the skin-tight trousers.

Here three ways? Throw them out, burn them, or cut them up.

None of us ever want to that the things we used to love are now considered uncool, and millennials took to the comments to defend the jeans.

@momohkd Skinny jeans just aren’t for me but to each their own. #momostyleme #fashion #TodayILearned #skinnyjeans #diy ♬ Brace Yourself – zenorachi

One said: “Why do u all hate on skinny jeans they are literally not even that bad. Y’all are just obsessed with the trends”

A second sheepishly commented: “I… kinda like them…”

And a third wrote: “Can we stop hating on pieces of fabric…it’s just clothes.”

Another skinny jeans fan predicted that “they’ll be back soon just wait.”

But it seems plenty of under-25s are in agreement that skin-tight jeans are just no longer in vogue. Even people who wore them during their teenage years had fallen out of love with them.

Another TikToker said “I put a pair on yesterday for the first time in SO long and I immediately took them off.”

A second added: “I genuinely don’t know how I ever wore skinny jeans, they’re uncomfortable and make me feel insecure like??? What was going on inside my head?”

“I put them on for a joke today and I nearly cried,” a third commented.

And a fourth said: “Idk why I ever wore skinny jeans like who let me out like that?”

A number of people offered suggestions for alternative styles people could wear, such as straight leg jeans, wide leg jeans or cargo pants.

So, maybe it’s time to wave goodbye to this particular piece of fashion, and accept that skinny jeans have had their day.

Or perhaps this will be one of those things that swings back into fashion in a few years time, on a heady wave of nostalgia as has been the case with plenty of noughties fashion.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide what to do with your skinny jeans.

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