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06th Jul 2018

Action replay proves exactly what went on between Georgia and Jack on Love Island

James Dawson

Wait. What?

It all kicked off on Love Island, first between Laura and Jack, then Laura and Georgia, then Laura and Georgia and Jack, and finally between Georgia and Ellie. A proper kick off that, not some run of the mill reality-TV-constructed kick off – the type you can see happening at 4am on a Saturday night outside a kebab shop. True anger, true #drama.

But where does the truth lie? I mean, was it Georgia who tried to kiss Jack, or Jack who tried to kiss Georgia. Or did they both fancy a snog? Was Laura betrayed, or was Jack being a decent guy and sticking by his few-day-old woman.

Well, stand by for an INSTANT REPLAY…

My take on it is he went in for the kiss but then regretted it, and then she moved it for Kiss On The Lips 2.0 – so they’re both to blame, she’s a shit friend and he’s a shit pretend boyfriend. Either way, though, the ITV2 trash TV world continues to spin on its axis.

But, hey, that’s just my view, here’s what Twitter was saying afterwards…