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20th May 2024

Tom Holland ‘didn’t realise’ he had to pay water bill and thought it was luxury of living in England

Jack Peat

‘The water comes out the sky’

Tom Holland says he got behind on his water bills because he didn’t realise he had to pay for it when he first started living in England.

The 27-year-old actor has called for more ‘life lessons’ to be taught in schools to help young adults prepare for the mundane issues that have be dealt with on a day-to-day basis.

He said by virtue of being a successful actor at a young age he has been forced to do a lot of his growing up ‘on the road’ and was caught off guard when he finally settled down in Blighty.

Speaking to Jay Shetty on his podcast he questioned why these things aren’t taught in school.

The Spiderman star said: “I’ve done so much of my growing up on the road, I needed to do a lot of growing up at home.

“Paying my water bill, paying my council tax, and sorting out my bins and all that sort of stuff that they don’t teach you at school.”

Finding the funny side in the parallels between being a superhero and paying the local council to take his bins out, he continued:

“I think there should be a lesson at school that’s called ‘Life,’ which is like laundry, basic cooking.

“I didn’t realise you had to pay for your water. I just thought that was a luxury of living in England.

“Yeah, the water comes out the sky and then it comes out your tap.

“I was so behind on my water bill. I didn’t realise, I’m up to date now. Don’t worry.”

Last year, Holland announced that he’s taking a bit of a break for a year following his latest role.

He starred in and produced The Crowded Room, which follows the life of a young man who is arrested for a shocking crime, and said that he needs some time to process after all of that.

“It was a tough time for sure,” he said.

“We were exploring certain emotions that I have definitely never experienced before, and then on top of that being a producer dealing with the day-to-day kind of problems that come with any film set just added that extra level of pressure, but I really enjoyed it.”

Sounds like paying the water bills are the least of his problems!

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