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15th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Scott Quigg had a painfully ironic slip up as he tried to intimidate Carl Frampton

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Ben Kiely

Scott Quigg probably wishes he thought a little bit more before saying this.

The WBA champion is set to go toe-to-toe against IBF champion Carl Frampton in a superbantamweight world title unification fight on February 27 at the Manchester Arena.

But prior to slugging it out in the ring, the pair went to battle using their trash talk on Sky Sports’ The Gloves Are Off special on Sunday evening.

The two pugilists engaged in the usual bravado, claiming that the other was the one who was running from the fight and the cause for the contract negotiations being delayed so long. However, there was one moment in particular where Quigg definitely came off second best.

This was a particularly unfortunate moment for Quigg, especially considering Frampton was talking smack about his opponent’s lack of intelligence not 24 hours before on the same station, saying:

“His lack of intelligence outside of the ring reflects on how he fights inside the ring. He has that down as one of his strengths but I have it down as one of his weaknesses.”

Check out the full 22-minute The Gloves Are Off special below.