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21st Feb 2016

Roma’s Mohamed Salah scores ridiculous goal from impossibly tight angle

Holy Hell!


This is more than a little bit special.

The clash between Roma and Palermo on Sunday night provided us with at least two ludicrous moments.

The first had us wondering how on earth Edin Dzeko managed to miss his shot, while the other had us racking our brains trying to figure out how Mohamed Salah didn’t miss his effort from a ludicrously acute angle.

Salah chased a slightly overhit through ball that the goalkeeper fumbled causing it to awkwardly fall back to the Egyptian. Although Salah regained possession inside the box, he was also standing parallel to the goalpost with ball about to cross the line.

With all the difficult work left to do, Salah decided to turn into the shot and curl it from a near-impossible angle first time. Remarkably it went straight into the net.

This golazo is so good, you deserve to see it from another angle.