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09th Aug 2015

Watch Jose Mourinho lose it with Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro…


Jose Mourinho strikes us a man who’s easy to p*ss off.

But Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro may have been surprised by the manager’s outburst as she offered treatment to Eden Hazard late on in the Blues’ 2-2 draw with Swansea.

Mourinho was incensed that his medical team ran on to the pitch – because that meant Hazard would have to go off to be assessed, rather than play a part in one of Chelsea’s final attacks.

Watch his reaction here (gif)…

“I was not happy with my medical staff,” Mourinho told Sky Sports afterwards. “You have to understand the game.

“Even if you are a kit man, a doctor or a secretary on the bench you have to understand the game and you have to understand that you have one player less.

“When you go to the pitch to assist a player you must be sure that the player has a serious problem and I was sure that Eden hadn’t a serious problem. He had a knock and he was very tired.

“My medical staff had a naive impulse and they left me with eight outfield players in a counter attack.”