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18th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Jurgen Klopp was absolutely delighted with himself after nutmegging Roberto Firmino

Kevin Beirne

It’s hard not to love Jurgen Klopp.

The Liverpool manager’s charm is difficult to resist, no matter your opinion on the Merseyside club – and moments like these show us why.

Klopp is back in his native Germany ahead of Liverpool’s Europa League clash with Augsburg, and it seems like he’s enjoying his time there.

The Bundesliga club have already done their best to make the Merseysiders feel comfortable with their welcome tweets and Scouse-to-German translation guide, and it appears to have worked.

As Roberto Firmino prepared for Thursday night’s game, Jurgen Klopp saw an opportunity to slip a ball through the Brazilian’s legs. While not the most impressive nutmeg you’ll ever see, it’s probably the one to bring the offender the most amount of joy possible.

And here’s a higher quality version: