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16th Jan 2016

VIDEO: Gymnastics fans want to see ‘The Dick’ at the Rio Olympics


Patrick McCarry

If you want a gold medal and the Rio Olympics, you NEED to know about ‘The Dick’.

On a quad-annual basis, the Olympics throws up a slew of improbable stories.

Surely no story this year will be more improbable that a gymnastics move called ‘The Dick’ becoming a sensation.

The move, according to American sports site SB Nation, is a tricky one that involves leaping off a springboard, scissoring the legs and landing in the splits – all on a balance beam.

If that sounds hard, it is. ‘The Dick’ was unveiled, in competition, by Trinidad and Tobago athlete Marisa Dick in 2013.

It has been her dream to have the manoeuvre listed in the International Federation of Gymnastics code of points. That has been realised now and points will be awarded if anyone is bold enough to pull off ‘The Dick’ at Rio 2016.

If they do, it will put them in pole position for a gold.