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13th Nov 2015

Danish TV broadcast anti-Sweden propaganda ahead of Euro 2016 play-off (Video)

More than a match

Ben Kiely

Danish TV station Kanal 5 have produced an excellent promo ahead of the crunch Euro 2016 play-off against Sweden.

The lighthearted video shows a plethora of Swedish icons getting destroyed, including a doll of beloved Swedish children’s book character Pippi Longstocking, what we can only assume is IKEA furniture, an image of Kungen, the King of Sweden and of course, Abba records.

Perhaps the most amusing part of the video is the hashtag “MereEndEnKamp” at the end. The always reliable Google Translate informs us that it means “More than one match” which, considering that the play-off is over two legs, is quite funny.

#MEREENDENKAMPKun Sverige står i vejen for EM i Frankrig!Hvordan knækker vi svensken?#MereEndEnKampPå lørdag fra 10.00 på Kanal 5.

Posted by Kanal 5 on Tuesday, November 10, 2015