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14th Oct 2015

USA Soccer Guy: Euro World Championships fever grips Europe

Soccer Guy

Two years on from becoming the winningest international franchise in the world in Brazil, Germany will be looking to become world champions of Europe in France next summer.

The final line-up for the European World Soccer Championships is nearly finalized after a bunch of soccer games got played this last week.

Being Europe, countries such as Brazil, USA, Russia and Africa are banned from participizing in the tournament, but there’s still plenty of reasons for soccer fans to get real excited…

Whales make it

Think that Whales are just real big fish that you see at Sea World? Think again, because it’s a real country, and they’ve made a splash over in Europe after booking their seats on the airplane to France.

Whales haven’t soccered in a major tournament since before the sport became popular thanks to the ’94 World Cup in America. But next summer, things are about to change.

After being rejected by Coach Hodkins a bunch of times, Garth Bale became a Whale, and freed his new country from lame-ass soccer captivity and into the ocean of awesomeness.

England Soccer Club looking to end ‘fifty years of lame’

Ever since Bobby Charleston and Geoff Hurts fired them to victory over Germany Westside back in the summer of 69, England Soccer Club have sucked real bad when it comes to soccer.

But after winning every single soccer game in their qualificization round, some British guys are getting real excited that this could be the year that the Three Lines get themselves a new soccer cup.

Good luck with that, buddy.

Scotland Soccer Club miss out

After a late equalization goalshot by Lee Van Dovski for Pole Land, the Scotch won’t be heading to France.

Golden Strachan’s guys followed up their tie with a real great win against some real lame team on a massive rock.

Although the Soccer Nessies will be missing out, it’s awesome to see their soccer fans were having an awesome time…

Maybe they can go support England or something. It’s pretty much the same country, right?

Ireland Northsiders

These guys haven’t had to wait as long as Whales to soccer it up in a major tournament, but the Irish Northsiders were still real happy to make it to France.

Beating Grease at home, the Northsiders can now look forward to those summer nights in France and won’t care who they have to play.

Ireland Soccer Club hope to get lucky

Things were looking pretty great for the Cloverleaves when they beat the World Cup world champions of the world last week.

Heading to Pole Land, the Irish guys knew that a 2-2 tie would be enough to win at soccer. Despite some guy with a real long name giving the Poles the lead, a deathstrike for the Irish soon knotted things up.

Knowing that they still needed one more goalshot, nobody really cared when Lee Van Dovski’s head kick made it 2-1, but the Irish guys could not find the equalization.

They left the country that brought us real sexy dancing without qualificization, but get one more shot at it when they get to play some other country real soon.