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13th Apr 2016

Tyson Fury takes aim at Eddie Hearn in latest press conference

Simon Lloyd

When it comes to speaking to the press, Tyson Fury has been known in the past to drop one or two controversial lines.

In his latest press conference, Fury has once again raised eyebrows. Referring to Eddie Hearn, Anthony Joshua’s promoter, he said that he would “give him a slap around the ear like we do to our bitches.”

Fury was speaking in London to promote his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko and had plenty to say about Hearn, the son of former boxing and snooker promoter, Barry.

“He has had a lot to say but he wouldn’t say anything around me,” Fury explained.

“He’s a daddy’s boy and I’d give him a slap around the ear like we do to our bitches.”

Fury’s promoter Frank Warren was quick to clarify his comments.

“Before you make a story from it, he was on about other boxers, he was in no way referring to women,” he said.

Nevertheless, the comments have still generated headlines.

Boxing Press Conference

Fury also mentioned Joshua, pay him a somewhat backhanded compliment.

“He’s number one for me – the number one moneymaker anyways,” he said. “He’s a good fighter and he’ll make me a lot of money, but don’t bet your house on him.

“You can knock people out all you want, but it’s about what you do when you get hit back. Joshua has only been hit once and he nearly went to bits.

“When you step into proper world class boxing, it’s one mistake and you’re out. He’s not invincible. If you can get put down with amateur gloves and a head guard then imagine when you get hit on the chin with 10-ounce gloves with rocks.

“It ain’t a big thing to get knocked down or take a wobble, it’s about what you do when you get knocked down in the canvas, and only true champions get back up and win the fight.”