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02nd Aug 2015

Selfie-obsessed Arsenal can’t win the league, claims Roy Keane

Tom Victor

There might be a new-found belief in the Arsenal camp, but one of their former rivals thinks the Gunners’ off-field habits are holding them back.

Following claims from Invincibles member Martin Keown that Arsenal believe they can win the league, Roy Keane has claimed there’s no chance of that happening while Arsene Wenger’s side are so obsessed with “selfies and six-packs”.

“Instead of focusing on winning Premier League titles, it’s all about how their bodies look, how their hair is, more so than winning football matches, which is the way things are going,” Keane was quoted as saying in The Telegraph.

Keane was part of the Man United squad that finished third during the London club’s ‘Invincibles’ season in 2004, but he doesn’t regard Arsenal’s current crop as anything close to their best line-up.

“They’ve lots of good players, good characters who roll their sleeves up, just not those who are trying to get their pictures [taken] every day of the week, selfies. Selfies will hold them back,” the Irishman said.