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17th Aug 2015

Ref Craig Pawson ignores new rules and awards Liverpool an offside winner


According to new rules that were only brought into place a few weeks ago, Liverpool’s winner versus Bournemouth on Monday night should have been ruled offside.

A new law states that if a player in an offside position attempts to ‘make an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball’, then it should be ruled out.

Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho did exactly that when he stood in an offside position in front of the goalkeeper and tried to make contact with the ball. He didn’t make contact but Benteke – who was onside – did, and scored what was adjudged a legitimate goal.

It’s an embarrassing and high-profile error for referee Craig Pawson and his assistant, as the new rule should have been fresh in their minds. You would expect that one or either of them would have remembered the change.

Not that Liverpool fans seemed especially bothered about the validity of the goal…