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04th Aug 2015

Meet Pietro Tomaselli – the world’s most skilful 9-year-old


Pietro Tomaselli is around four foot tall and can’t watch a PG-rated film on his own, but everyone is talking about his amazing football skills.

The nine-year old Belgian has been dubbed ‘Mini Messi’, and had the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Manchester City all watching him with interest.

In the end the ‘Pocket Pele’ plumped for AS Roma, and his father has spoken of the stir that his precocious son has caused at the Serie A club.

“We were really wonderfully welcomed,” Pino Tomaselli explained, “Everyone knows about [Pietro] already: the club president, the senior players. They think he could be better than Diego Maradona.”

Although that’s a heavy burden for a primary school-aged kid to bear, no one can doubt his magical close control and sensational dribbling skills. The kid’s going to be a star…