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26th Aug 2015

Mario Balotelli’s AC Milan contract bans him from having pretty much any fun…

They *really* don't want him f**king around...

Ben Kenyon

Mario Balotelli’s antics have been the stuff of legend throughout his career.

The striker’s escapades have seen him create more front-page headlines than pretty much any other player in the Premier League.

But those days are well and truly over now he’s returning to AC Milan – if his old new club have anything to say about it.

Milan bosses are not taking any chances with the mercurial forward and have imposed some pretty strict rules in his contract similar to that of the Italian Air Force.

Balotelli won’t be able to smoke, he won’t be able to go to nightclubs, and there’s been a limit on the amount he’s allowed to drink.

funny animated GIF

His Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts will be closely monitored to stop him going rogue on social media.

But most bizarrely the former Man City forward is forbidden from having his famously extravagant haircuts or wearing daft clothes.

The only things that don’t seem to have been mentioned in his contract are smiling, breathing and farting. Milan could live to regret that.

H/T The Guardian