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09th Apr 2015

Mario Balotelli really was sick last night and he even has a picture of himself to prove it


Everyone knows that your normal body temperature is only 37 degrees Celsius.

When you’re taking to Instagram to prove your sickness though, surely you must realise that your career has taken a turn somewhere.

Mario Balotelli missed Liverpool’s FA Cup victory last night at Ewood Park. The Reds saw off Blackburn 1-0 in their quarter final replay to set up a clash with Aston Villa at Wembley for a place in the final.

But poor Balotelli was bed-stricken as his temperature had soared up to 38.7 degrees Celsius. At least the temperature of whoever used this thermometer was high anyway – we can’t be sure who it was, it wouldn’t stand up in a court of law.

The Italian posted this picture of himself wallowing in self pity as if it would’ve given a pass for last night’s absence but he seems to be missing the biggest point.

No-one cared where he was last night. Liverpool are fine without him.