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14th Aug 2023

Man United fans protest against Mason Greenwood as club delay announcement

Callum Boyle

Mason Greenwood

An announcement was expected to be made today

A group of Manchester United fans gathered outside Old Trafford to protest as they continue to wait to hear the club’s verdict on their own internal investigation.

The group of female United fans, who have branded themselves ‘Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Return’ (FFAGR) pledged to protest against Greenwood.

They demanded Manchester United take a “zero tolerance” approach with their decision on Greenwood’s return and say if he returns, it sends a message to the club’s female fans that they “don’t matter”. 

“It tells us that men who make the club money matter; not us, our fellow fans, mothers, sisters or daughters. The problem here isn’t a player who has ‘made a mistake’,” the statement read.

“It’s a player who has shown nothing but disregard and contempt for what it means to represent this great club. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone does so while in the position of power and privilege Greenwood is. 

“If you want to play at the highest level at the biggest club in the world, your behaviour will be held up to the highest level of scrutiny, accountability and expectation.”

United have been conducting their own personal investigation ever since the Crown Prosecution Service have dropped all charges against the 21-year-old following the “withdrawal of key witnesses”.

The club had initially planned to reveal the outcome of their investigation before their opening game of the season against Wolves tonight (Monday August, 14) but that has now changed.

Greenwood faced one count of attempted rape, one count of controlling and coercive behaviour and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He denied all of the alleged offences.

Photos shared on social media outside Old Trafford show a group of fans protesting against Greenwood with some fans allegedly heard chanting: “Mason Greenwood, we know what you are” while another banner reads: “Don’t leave the decision to the women’s team you spineless, motherless, f*****s”.

This is in reference to the fact that Man United also plan to consult members of their women’s squad after the women’s World Cup. Mary Earps, Ella Toone and Katie Zelem are all preparing to feature against Australia in the semi finals on Wednesday.

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