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16th May 2024

Wolves submit list of ‘all negative consequences of VAR’ ahead of Premier League vote to scrap it

Callum Boyle

Wolves VAR

Wolves are one of the leading voices in the fight to scrap VAR

Wolves have published a list of reasons behind their reason to table a motion to scrap VAR.

Earlier this week it was announced that the 20 Premier League clubs would come together to vote on whether VAR should remain in the league or be scrapped for good.

The proposal is due to be held at a meeting on June 6.

Sky Sports have reported that the league are directly opposed to the proposal and have cited an increase in the percentage of correct decisions awarded from 86 per cent to 92 per cent this season.

While they understand the right for clubs to make a proposal, they are also of the opinion that getting rid of VAR would only increase the amount of incorrect decisions during games.

Any decision to scrap VAR would have to see 14 of the 20 Premier League clubs vote in favour of getting rid of the technology.

Wolves reveal why VAR should be scrapped

As part of their rallying cry to remove VAR from Premier League football, Wolves have published a list of all the reasons as to why football would be better without VAR.

One example they gave is the impact VAR has on goal celebrations, taking away the pure passion that fans experience when goals go in.

That in turn followed on with their next point in that it creates a more hostile atmosphere inside the ground and overall, VAR is always at the centre of each and every talking point rather than the actual game itself.

No other clubs have revealed their hand on the VAR matter so far but the majority of football fans and pundits are in agreement with Wolves.

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