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06th Apr 2015

Liverpool fans react to Arsenal loss and fading hopes of a top four finish

£50m my Arsenal...

Liverpool’s sorry defeat to Arsenal on Saturday left them seven points adrift of a Champions League berth, with fourth place Manchester City playing their game in hand tonight at Crystal Palace.

Fans were dismayed at their second tepid performance against a top four rival in as many games. Angry and bemused, they took to social media to vent their spleens and share their sorrows.

George Riley felt it was all too easy for Arsenal, as Liverpool failed to turn up:

Mark Philip Kenny showed his age by harking back to better days:

Brenzie wasn’t impressed with the lack of ambition in Liverpool’s passing:

Danny Gallagher agreed, with a nervous eye on Wednesday’s FA Cup clash with Blackburn Rovers:

Kauser Soze pointed to the lack of depth on the sub’s bench:

Whilst David took exception to losing to Arsenal in particular:

Still, Fidel GaGstro found some solace in his delicious looking tea…

But nothing could console Margel Abasalie, who’d completely lost it by the time former red Charlie Adam scored his wonder goal against Chelsea: