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27th Dec 2016

Leaked Liverpool kits for next season look very classy indeed

These are class

Nooruddean Choudry

Liverpool fans have had to endure some hideous kits in recent years.

Warrior Sports were the main offenders, but let us not forget that they are part of current kit manufacturer New Balance’s umbrella organisation.

Some of the grotesque efforts have looked like a two-year-old got hold of MS Paint and their efforts crashed before saving…and then they threw up half-digested crayons on the finished versions…

Image result for liverpool new balance

Image result for liverpool ugly kit

Even this season’s uniforms, inclusding a relatively smart home and away kit, feature a sickly bile-green effort in the shape of this fluorescent aberration…

Image result for liverpool kit fluorescent

But it finally seems as though New Balance have got their shit together with next season’s leaked apparel.

Quite remarkably, all three of the home, away and third kit are pretty darn slick. The red home kit is pleasingly simple and classic; the white away kit looks modern and smart; and even the usually ‘experimental’ third kit is dapper and monochrome.

Well done fellas, you got there in the end.