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13th Jun 2023

Jamie Carragher claims Man City treble is better than Man United 1999 success

Callum Boyle

Man City

‘This City team is on a different level’

Jamie Carragher has claimed that Manchester City’s recent treble is better than the same feat accomplished by Manchester United in 1999.

City beat Inter Milan on Saturday to secure the Champions League and add to their Premier League and FA Cup they had already won earlier in the season.

By doing so, they became the first English side since their city rivals to do so, sparking debate about which of the two sides/treble itself was better.

While many have said the two are incomparable, Carragher believes Pep Guardiola’s side’s recent triumph trumps the original one in ’99.

Writing in his column for The Telegraph, he said: “Sir Alex Ferguson’s supporters will always suggest otherwise. The reality is it is not even a debate beyond this country. At two different clubs, Guardiola has created a side which has produced the most perfect football I have ever seen live, first with his Barcelona Champions League winners of 2011 and now City in 2023.

“The argument about whether City’s treble winners are better than Ferguson’s of 1999 should be over, too. This City team is on a different level. What is staggering about City’s treble is how little jeopardy there has been, their most worrying moments being in the closing stages of Saturday’s final when extra-time was prevented.”

Carragher added that City’s win last weekend was just the start of a long era of dominance.

“City left Istanbul amid a sense of beginning in Europe rather than mere completion of their Abu Dhabi owners’ ultimate ambition. After the treble of 1999, Ferguson would wait another nine years to lift the European Cup, his side successful in the Champions League without dominating it,” he continued.

“City can leave every rival in their wake. Just as it is hard to see how any side will stop City domestically, the same is now true in Europe. The first win is always the hardest. Having secured it, the players will return to the Champions League next season with more confidence and less pressure.

“A dynasty is forming at City under Guardiola. Many will say this is more about City and everything that has led to their success than English football.”

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