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17th Oct 2016

Graeme Souness sticks the boot in on Paul Pogba ahead of tonight’s game

The Liverpool man says Pogba in the world lacks a "great understanding of the game"

Simon Lloyd

Because it’s hardly had a mention in the media this week, let us remind you that Manchester United travel to Anfield on Monday evening to face their great rivals, Liverpool.

Looking ahead to the game, Sky Sports News HQ called in Thierry Henry and Graeme Souness to have a natter with presenter Rob Wotton about the match on Monday morning.

One of the subjects discussed was Paul Pogba who, as we’re all more than well aware, cost United lots of money to bring back from Juventus in the summer.

Manchester United v Stoke City - Premier League

Clearly, Pogba is yet to hit the kind of world-class form many expected him to find since moving back to Old Trafford and, while noting the player’s athleticism, Souness suggested that the Frenchman doesn’t appear to have a great understanding of the game.

“I think you’ve got to maximise his athleticism,” Souness said.  “He looks like a wonderful athlete, someone that could do that box to box thing for a full 90 minutes at the same pace and never dip from it.

“I see his problem – he’s got the technique, he drops a shoulder he throws a leg over the ball – I don’t see him having a great understanding of the game.”

Asked to elaborate on his comment, Souness continued:

“We were talking earlier about players that can sense where a game is going, I think he’s a totally off the cuff type of footballer.

“He may eventually be 100 million pound’s worth, but right now I don’t see him anywhere near that. I see a young man who’s struggling to find his best position and best form in a team that’s struggling to find their best form.”

Unsurprisingly, United supporters weren’t all in agreement with Souness’s assessment of Pogba.

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