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28th Aug 2015

Gary Neville says Arsenal can’t win the league because they are too weak…


Gary Neville says he would be happy to see Arsenal win the league – but it won’t happen because they are a bunch of pushovers.

Writing in his Telegraph column, the Sky pundit has followed up his criticism of the Gunners on Monday Night Football. of Arsene Wenger’s side.

‘Arsenal are a great football club with an illustrious history,’ writes Neville. ‘Roll your eye down the list of league champions, though, and you see, in every instance, ingredients that are Arsenal are running low on.

‘Championships are not won by a front six, who are blessed with great technical skill, but lack a counter-balance of big personalities, big characters, power and pace.’West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal - Premier League

Neville says there are ‘no exceptions’ to that rule, and that Wenger’s failure to recruit physical players to complement Arsenal’s technicians will continue to hinder their title chances.

‘When the screw really begins to turn I expect them to come up short on strength, power and pace,’ says Neville.

‘To see a team out-football everyone for a whole season, and never have to rely on grit or determination four or five times to keep them in contention, would be an amazing breakthrough.

‘Precedent suggests it will never happen. To win the league with the front six he played against Liverpool would require history to be redefined.’